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2016: The Year To Go Farther

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2016: The Year To Go Farther

It’s that time of year again where we make resolutions to eat healthier and workout more, and we hope to carry our positivity and ambition with us longer than we did the previous year. As we grow older, resolutions can seem less and less important or less and less likely to happen. This year, rather than making a list, going on a diet, or writing out a new fitness routine, choose one way this year to go farther. Perhaps you’ve always found solitude while running. Try running farther than you ever have, and even in a condition in which you never have before, like the mountains. If you love to travel but have never gone too far out of your comfort zone, plan a trip into the great unknown, like somewhere in East Asia or South America. Whatever it is, we urge you to go beyond what you thought possible. We also believe that if you dig deep enough, you probably already know the thing in which you’re supposed to do this year.

We guarantee that going farther in some aspect of your life will result in a greater overall improvement of self than it would be to try and set specific goals and unrealistic expectations. An adventurous trip, conquering a fear, pushing your physical limits, or jumping into a new culture are all things that will permanently change your life simply by doing them—no lists necessary.

This past year, ultrarunners Mike Wolfe and Mike Foote ran across some of the tallest and wildest mountain ranges in the Lower 48 with as little gear as possible. The runners departed from Missoula, Montana on September 16 and traveled 600 miles through the Rocky Mountains to Banff Canada in just twenty-four days. This had them running 35-40 miles a day.

Their only reason for doing this? To challenge themselves.

Instead of making new year’s resolutions this year, simply find ways in which you can challenge yourself like never before, whether that’s physically, mentally, spiritually or emotionally.

Happy new year and cheers to 2016, the year to go farther.

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