5 Cycling Accessories Everyone Needs

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To enhance one’s safety when cycling, it’s important that every cyclist, whether s/he is a beginner or an expert, be in possession of a number of important cycling accessories. Though there are a wide variety of accessories that can purchased, the most important ones are capable of increasing safety and be used in case of an emergency. Here are 5 cycling accessories everyone needs to have with them before heading out for a ride.


Whether or not the law requires that you wear a helmet, you should take it upon yourself to wear one whenever you go cycling. Start by purchasing one that fits firmly without leaving gaps between the padding and your head. However, it shouldn’t be too tight fitting that it becomes uncomfortable to wear. It should also have a rounded rather than a pointy shape with a luminous color. When choosing a helmet, it’s advisable that you pay closer attention to its safety elements rather than its price or style. 


The clothing you choose to wear when cycling ought to be made of bright and reflective colors such as yellow or orange. This type of gear enables other riders, and especially car drivers, to see you from a distance, regardless of the time of day or prevailing weather conditions. As such, the clothing should encompass a breathable jersey, comfortable shorts, gloves to prevent chafing and well-fitting cycling shoes.


Every time you go cycling, don’t leave your house without taking a repair kit along. The most essential items that must be found in every repair kit include a tire repair kit, a pump, a multi-tool (to make adjustments) and a spare tube. All of these items can be easily fitted inside a bike bag which can be mounted under your seat.


Front and rear lights are very important accessories, especially when cycling at night. These lights not only help illuminate your way but also make you visible to others. When choosing lights, you can opt for battery-powered ones that can be attached onto the rack, seat post or handlebars or, dynamo/generator powered ones. Each type has its benefits so do some research to determine which one is right for you.


If you love your bike then you need to do everything possible to keep it from getting stolen. There are two main types of locks that you can use. If in a somewhat secure area, you can use a thin light cable lock. If not, you should go ahead and purchase a heavy duty U-lock so you can lock up your bike’s frame on to a post that is cemented into the ground.

Other than having all of these accessories, you should always obey traffic safety rules, ride safely and dress visibly at all times.

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