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5 Eco-Friendly Hostels Worth A Special Trip

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5 Eco-Friendly Hostels Worth A Special Trip

Do you love traveling but want to minimize your footprint? Consider visiting an eco hostel. The five hostels we’ve rounded up not only offer facilities that contribute to a sustainable environment, but they also offer a chance to learn about local sustainability efforts through gardening, educational programs and volunteering with the locals. With rates ranging from $10-$30 a night, these eco-friendly hostels in the USA, Australia, South America, Europe and Southeast Asia are worth a special trip around the globe!

Portland Hawthorne Hostel, Portland, Oregon

The Portland Hawthorne Hostel is an eco traveler’s dream. In addition to recycling facilities, an onsite compost and green cleaning products, the hostel is known for its ecoroof. Ecoroofs, or roof gardens, catch and absorb rainwater to prevent storm runoff that is harmful to local fish and water bodies. The hostel’s eco efforts have been recognized and awarded by the City of Portland’s sustainability program. Portland Hawthorne Hostel also boasts a garden of kale, chard and squash for guests to enjoy. Hostel guests arriving by bike earn a discount of $5 per night.

The Grampians YHA Eco-Hostel, Halls Gap, Australia

Complete with solar-powered electricity and hot water, recycling stations and low-energy lighting it’s no surprise that the Grampians YHA Eco-Hostel is an eco-certified hostel. Guests can feast on fresh produce and herbs from the garden. The hostel offers a wide variety of activities for adventure travelers including kayaking, rock climbing and hiking on the grounds. From Aboriginal culture and history to wine tasting, there’s no shortage of things to do at Grampians YHA Eco-hostel!

Reykjavík City Hostel, Reykjavík, Iceland

Located in the heart of Laugardalur Park, guests at Reykjavík City Hostel will behold Iceland’s largest swimming pool, which is heated year-round, and experience nature and local wildlife in the neighboring botanical garden and zoo. The hostel coordinates glacier tours, Northern Lights tours and hiking and biking excursions. Sustainability initiatives at Reykjavík City Hostel include energy-saving lights and appliances, organic and fair-trade food and educational programs for individuals that want to learn more about the environment and sustainability.

Rivertime Resort & Ecolodge, Vientiane, Laos

Situated along the Nam Ngum River, the Rivertime Resort and Ecolodge is an excellent place to learn about the Laos countryside and local culture. The lodge has a good relationship with the locals who offer traditional Hmong dance performances, cooking classes and historical tours to lodge guests. There’s also plenty to do on lodge grounds from enjoying meals at the floating restaurant to exchanging books at the onsite library. The most impressive fact about the Rivertime Resort and Ecolodge? Despite the fact that the facilities are built and located in a local forest, the resort has managed to avoid cutting down a single tree.

Lost And Found Hostel, Chiriqui, Panama

Enjoy guided ecotours, cascading waterfalls and a treasure hunt at the Lost and Found Hostel in Panama’s Fortuna Forest Reserve. An onsite citrus grove and yoga studio are the perfect places to unwind after a long day hiking through the forest. Though the nearest restaurant and ATM are at least 20 minutes away, the hostel has a local store and large kitchen to buy and prepare meals. If you want to do some good while on the road, you can also volunteer at the hostel. Volunteers are requested to stay at least two weeks and work shifts in reception, paint walls, tend the garden and keep the hostel tidy.

With the growing interest in sustainability, adventure travelers are looking for ways to minimize their impact on the environment. The future will certainly bring more eco-friendly hostels all over the globe. Who knows? After trekking to one of these eco-havens, you may be inspired to build eco-friendly hostels of your own.

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