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6 European cities that’ll make you feel like you’re in Game of Thrones

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Certain European cities in the southern region have been very well preserved and make it impossible not to embrace your fantasy side and feel like you are part of the fight for the iron throne. Here are six European cities that are unlike anywhere you’ve ever been before! And if you’re obsessed with Game of Thrones, you’ll be in heaven.

Caceres, Spain

Caceres monumental. Bujaco Tower, Toledo-Moctezuma's palace, the Episcopal Palace and the Plaza Mayor views from the Tower of the Pulpits. Spain

Image: Shutterstock/Jose Ignacio Soto

The small city of Caceres is definitely a hidden gem of Spanish tourism. The charming old part of the city is very well preserved and once you pass under the Arco de la Estrella, it feels as if you have time-travelled back to the Middle Ages and Game of Thrones fantasy is just around the corner. The old city is full of spots that look straight of King’s Landing, such as Saint Matthew’s Church or Santa Maria’s Square.

Mont-Saint Michel, France

Panoramic view of famous historic Le Mont Saint-Michel tidal island on a sunny day with blue sky and clouds in summer, Normandy, northern France

Image: Shutterstock/canadastock

This isolated island off the northern coast of France feels like it belongs to another realm. Its iconic monastery with gothic architectural features resembles something similar to the inside of the Eyrie. The entire island is preserved from the medieval era, making it impossible not to feel like you are living in another time ruled by kings and queens fighting for the iron throne.

Monemvasia, Greece

Monemvasia village in Peloponnese, Greece

Image: Shutterstock/Milan Gonda

A small island near the southern tip of Greece has much to endless exploring opportunities both in its picturesque town and unique cliffs. Walking around the town, you may feel as though you are about to run into Game of Thrones scenes like Queen Margaery performing acts of charity or Arya Stark begging. Above the towns area is a castle overlooking the sea, making it a perfect lookout for any oncoming battles and a powerful fortress.

Saint Emillon, France

Saint-Emilion-Vineyard landscape-Vineyard south west of France, Bordeaux Vineyard

Image: Shutterstock/FreeProd33

The quaint French streets of Saint Emillon will make you feel like you are in Westeros and may witness a walk of atonement. The historic part of town is not only typically European but can easily translate to a world full of dragons and different families fighting for the throne. Unleash your Game of Thrones obsession!

Dingle Peninsula, Ireland

Sunset over Dunquin bay on Dingle Peninsula, Co.Kerry, Ireland

Image: Shutterstock/Patryk Kosmider

This breathtaking coastline could lead you to join the Lord of Light worshippers or you may run into Game of Thrones scenes like Brienne of Tarth taking Jaime Lannister across Westeros. Either way, spending a few days in this relaxing countryside will let your fantasy-side run wild and help you disconnect from everyday 21st century distractions. 

Carcassonne, France

Castle in evening time. Carcassonne, France

Image: Shutterstock/Iakov Filimonov

There is nothing more picturesque than a walled town on top of a mountain in France. Carcasonne has a rich history, beautiful scenery and winding streets to explore and get lost in. Inside the city walls you could easily feel like you are in any northern fortress preparing to go to war against the Lannisters.

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