6 Strange Ski Resorts Around The World

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skiing under extreme conditions alone the death dangerous exposed

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Strange Ski Resorts Around The World

It is rather surprising where you might find some of the best places to ski in the world. But we’ve narrowed it down for you. The next time you’re entertaining the idea of an exotic skiing trip, do consider some of the following options.

Maski Pass, North Korea

Changbaishan in winter with snow,which located in North china close to North Korea

Image: Shutterstock/Captain Yeo

North Korea? Yeah. Since opening in 2013, North Korea’s first ski resort has been a surprising hit. There is a chairlift, ample distance skiing, and bars and restaurants. And there is Internet, too. If you consider yourself an adventure skier you definitely want to add Maski Pass to your strange ski resort hit list.

Yongpyong, South Korea

a beautiful scenery in dragon peak above yongpyong resort, you need to ride a gondola or cable car to reach this destination

Image: Shutterstock/richardernestyap

Unlike newbie North Korea, the South Side has been hitting the slopes since the 80s. The ski tourist market is hot in South Korea, with a total of 12 ski resorts.

Mt. Olympus, Greece

Mount Olympus, tallest mountain on Greece

Image: Shutterstock/Trofimov Pavel

The mythological throne of Zeus, Mt. Olympus is the stuff of legend, and the most remote mountaintop in the country. The powder is unique, and so is the Vrisopoules ski area, controlled by the Greek military and open to the public only on Sundays during the winter months.

Ski Dubai

ski Dubai indoor resort

Dubai image attribution: S-F / Shutterstock.com

Dubai hosts the world’s first indoor black diamond. Yes, although completely an indoor resort, there are five runs and 22,500 meters of fun.

Mount Hermon

Mount Hermon, the ski resort

Image: Shutterstock/maratr

First of all, Mount Hermon reaches 9,232 feet. Second, on one side of the mountain lies Israel, and on the other lies Syria and Lebanon. Although straddling a hotly debated border, the slopes are steep and the drive up is gorgeous.


Palm trees and atlas mountain after snowing

Image: Shutterstock/Nuno Miguel Lopes

This ski resort is in Morocco. Yes, Morocco. Just 45 miles south of the city of Marrakech, in the Atlas Mountains.

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