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7 Reasons You Should Travel With The Person You Love

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7 Reasons You Should Travel With The Person You Love

Whether you just started dating someone or you’re in a serious, committed relationship, this article is for you. Traveling solo is an exhilarating and freeing experience that everyone should try at some point in their lifetime, but we’re here to argue that traveling with your significant other is just as important.

1. You’ll Discover Each Other’s Quirks (And Learn To Love Them)

When you spend a few full days with another person you learn a lot about them. Chances are, you’ve already had days like this with your special someone, but when traveling many new quirks come to light. For instance, the size of bag someone brings along can tell you a lot about the person. So does the amount of time a person spends looking at a painting in a museum. Whatever quirks you discover about your partner, good or bad, you’ll begin to love the person more because you know them on a deeper level, and you know things about him or her that no one else does. More importantly, you’ll see how both of your quirks fit together to make you a unique, but wonderful match.

2. You’ll Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

This one is especially important for the ladies. When you travel you’re out of your usual element, which means your beauty routine, exercise routine, and eating routine are each shaken up. This might mean you wear less makeup or you skip your usual breakfast and morning workout. This change of pace can make you irritable or insecure. The freedom comes in finding comfort in this discomfort. Being vulnerable in front of your partner is a beautiful thing, and this opens the door for the spontaneity of not being glued to your routines and habits. While traveling, you’re likely to be lost at some point, which is just another chance to be spontaneous and make the most of the opportunity.

3. You’ll Fall In Love All Over Again

The best thing you can do for your relationship to spice things up is go on an adventure. Exploring together is good for your soul and it brings you new shared memories. You’ll have the experience of a “first date” because you’ll be doing your day-to-day things in an entirely new environment. Watch as you remember all the reasons why you fell in love in the first place.

4. You’ll Discover New Shared Passions

A new place means new activities, foods, and sights. If you and your companion head to the beach for the first time together, you may discover that you both love surfing, or you may discover that you’re both deathly afraid of sharks. Either way, it’s good to find these commonalities that will stay the same every time you return to a similar destination. Perhaps you both love exquisite food. Then every time you travel you’ll have highly-rated restaurants to look forward to. The same could be said for street food. You just have to find those similar passions.

5. You’ll Learn That Silence Is Good

When traveling long hours you’re likely to experience more silence between the two of you than you normally do. It is often said that silence is a sign of comfort. If you can be comfortably quiet with your partner than it’s a good sign that you two are confident and happy being with each other.

6. You’ll Learn To Love Your Differences

Traveling calls for all kinds of choices—where to eat, what to do, how much to spend, and even what speed to drive! It’s common for people to think their way of traveling is the best way. When the person you love travels differently, it may tug on your pride strings a bit, but ultimately you’ll learn to love these differences…because you love the person. This will carry on into life back home as you have the same attitude toward any new differences you discover.

7. You’ll Strengthen Your Bond

This last one just reaffirms everything we’ve already mentioned, but we want to reiterate how greatly traveling together will strengthen your relationship. Above all else, going through the experience of leaving town with your significant other and trusting them through transportation and booking lodging, and then realizing you can actually spend that much time with someone and not get sick of him or her does wonders for your bond. Talk about trust. This trust will come along with you as you head back home, and you’ll quickly discover that you tend to get jealous and clingy less, because you’ve gone through a bonding experience that has solidified your trust in each other. By trusting, you’re better able to love each other. Isn’t it amazing that all of this can come from simply heading a couple hours out of town for the weekend? It’s time to travel with the person you love.

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