8 Nuts That Give You Lasting Energy

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Trail mix will always be the easiest snack to bring along for your outdoor excursions. Instead of buying pre-made trail mix with dried fruit, chocolate, and candy, start making your own with these energy-boosting nuts. Each of these has a variety of nutritional benefits in addition to fighting fatigue. But keep in mind, each of the individual nuts tastes delicious just on its own too. So don’t forget to pack your bags with your favorite nuts so you can finish your adventure strong and ditch the complaining along the way.

With high contents of protein and fiber, these nuts boost your energy, but more importantly, they keep it going  steady. So after a strenuous hike or climb, these nuts were made to restore you. They will replenish you with lost electrolytes so you are not fatigued. Many of these nuts are also high in potassium and sodium, which are lost during physical exertion.


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