A Roundup Of The Best GMO Free Beers

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A Roundup Of The Best GMO Free Beers

We all hear buzzwords like GMOs and organic products, but do we know what they really mean? For many people, avoiding GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) is a way of life.

Due to the lack of evidence of the long-term effects of consuming GMOs, there’s been a wave of banning the process in America. Indeed, many countries around the world already have bans in place against the altering of organisms.

Unfortunately there’s a grey area when it comes to GMO ingredients in consumer goods in America—companies are not required to label whether or not their products contain them. That’s why I’ve created this list of safe-choice, non-GMO beers for you to enjoy without worry! And heck, some of them are even USDA certified organic!

What’s your favorite?

Mandy Burkholder is a travel, adventure, and outdoor writer who honed her craft in the foothills of the La Plata Mountains of Southwest Colorado. After a stint in the Swiss Alps, she now resides in Tennessee. Follow her on twitter — @mandyburkhold3r


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