Beijing’s Landmarks Are Disappearing In The Smog

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Asian boy wearing mouth mask against air pollution (Beijing)

Image: Shutterstock/Hung Chung Chih

Beijing’s Landmarks Are Disappearing In The Smog

Beijing issued its first red alert for pollution, which means the Chinese capitol almost entirely shut down. Schools and construction sites are being temporarily closed, and there is a limited amount of vehicles on the road. The U.S. Embassy in Beijing shared that the air quality index stood at 250 Tuesday morning, which is listed as “very unhealthy.” This number is ten times higher than the World Health Organization’s recommended levels.

Beijing is limiting the number of vehicles on the road by only allowing either odd or even numbered license plates on the streets, while completing banning heavy vehicles, like garbage trucks, from the roads. Even fireworks and barbecues are off-limits.

The red alert pollution is already hurting businesses in Beijing as people are being restricted from driving far, and the smog feels like a toxic gas to residents’ lungs, so most people simply stay indoors. The poor condition in Beijing is permanently damaging the community’s respiratory systems.

Another side affect of this red alert is that Beijing’s skyline has completely disappeared. Take a look at this landmark without smog.

China's Beijing City, a famous landmark building


Here is the landmark this week.

Beijing landmark covered in smog

Image: Instagram

We wouldn’t even recognize Tiananmen Square. Where is the flag coming from?

Beijing landmark covered in smog

Image: Twitter

Here are more famous Beijing landmarks completely invisible.

Beijing landmarks covered by smog

Image: Instagram

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