Biking the Provo River Parkway

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Thinking of talking your friends or family members into going on a bike ride? If yes, then it’s time you made Provo River Parkway trail in Utah your next biking destination. The parkway, which is approximated to be 15 miles long (from Utah Lake to Provo Canyon), has some of the very best bike paths that are perfect for biking enthusiasts of all abilities and ages (while the trail is a bit dusty on the eastern side, the western side is made of gravel and sand and the middle section fully paved). The current limit for biking in the area is 7.5 miles per hour. Thus, it would take about four hours for you to explore the trail – to and fro.

Though there is a lot to love about Provo River Parkway, what makes it stand out the most is that it has very beautiful sceneries that comprises of wooded areas with tall shade trees and is surrounded by mountains, waterfalls, parks, shopping centers and the very enchanting Utah Lake.


You can access this trail via two main points; Lakeshore Trailhead and Geneva Road Trailhead. Although the trail follows along the banks of River Provo most of the time, it also passes through a dozen county and city parks. Thus, if you are biking as a group, you’d certainly find it fun stopping by any of these parks and enjoying a shady mountain picnic, refilling your water bottles or using the restrooms. You may also stop by to take a leisurely stroll, or visit historic landmarks like Utah’s oldest mine which has since been closed or even the remnants of Utah’s first hydroelectric plant.


Other exciting things that you would certainly get to see and experience include a visit to Lake Utah; the Bridal Veil Falls which is Utah’s highest waterfall – in spring and early summer, the falls water sprays on the trail hence making biking more fun; Provo River; Provo Canyon; numerous stores/shops; trout fishing areas; the fauna such as waterfowls, raptors, yellow warblers and belted kingfishers along the riverbanks as well as deer and; the flora such as riparian plants, tubular grass and horsetails/snake grass among others.

Despite it being a perfect location for biking, it’s highly important that youngsters have a very good bike control so as to prevent collisions with other trail users. To be able to fully enjoy your experience, it’s best that you visit the region and go biking between the months of March and November.


When biking at the Provo River Parkway, it’s advisable that you always keep to the right and be mindful of other trail users such as cyclists and long boarders.

Given that the trail is somewhat rough as you near the Provo Canyon, bikers should pay extra attention as they cross the footbridges and underpasses.

So other than the Provo River Parkway offering the perfect trail for biking enthusiasts, it also gives one a chance to marvel at the beauties of nature, relax and breathe in very cool and fresh air and maybe, take a few landscape photos.

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