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biological Diversity day

This Monday, May 22, we celebrate International Biological Diversity Day. This day of recognition honors the many life forms on our planet. These life forms include genes, species, ecosystems, and landscapes, as well as their ecological and evolutionary processes. How will you celebrate Biological Diversity Day?

One way to celebrate Biological Diversity Day is to do your part in protecting the planet, so that wildlife can thrive on our planet, despite the worsening climate. This is a particularly important topic when traveling. We often travel to see different cultures, which includes touring different climates, animals, and landscapes.

So, how do you celebrate and treasure biodiversity when traveling? We’ve outlined some tips for protecting the planet, animals, and biodiversity when traveling the world.

Respect Wildlife

Never touch wild animals. When observing wild animals on a trip, always observe from a respectful distance. Only travel to see wild animals. Do your part to avoid supporting animals in captivity.

Do Your Research

Before booking anything for your tip, research any tour companies in the area, research the hotel, and any other organizations or businesses you will be using during your stay. Find out if any place goes the extra mile to leave a smaller carbon footprint. Always choose businesses that discuss conservation and inform their guests on how to protect the planet.

Leave No Trace

Always pick up your trash and take it back to an area where you know it will be disposed of properly. If you’re going out into the wild, don’t toss your trash in a bin out there. The chances of it actually making it to a proper facility are low.

Wear Natural Products

When traveling for Biological Diversity Day, it is important to wear natural and organic sunscreen and other products. If you’re in the ocean or around precious ecosystems, always remember that what you’re wearing and even the residue on your skin can harm even the largest animals. Non-organic sunscreen is particularly harmful to sea creatures, so take extra caution when swimming in the ocean.

Be Quiet

Never shout, taunt, or interact with wildlife. Any amount of disturbance can stress animals and cause them to react in weird ways. If animals are stressed they may not return to the area.

Visit Parks

Support government parks that protect natural spaces. Visit national parks to appreciate an area’s natural environment. Always read park guidelines and follow them.

Eat Local

When traveling support restaurants that use local ingredients. These restaurants try to give back to planet by choosing what’s in season. Local, seasonal ingredients enrich the local environment and avoid mass transportation. These foods are naturally healthier for you, so it’s a benefit to all.

Keep these tips in mind when traveling so that you can support the local ecosystems when you travel. It is important to travel the world and experience different environments and educate yourself and your family on biodiversity, but when doing so, use it as a time to educate yourself and others on the best practices for supporting all life forms as you give back to the planet.

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