Campsite Lighting

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Whether your escape to nature involves a day of hiking, tenting overnight or RVing, a little planning will go a long way in making your experience enjoyable.

You know, of course, to bring graham crackers and marshmallows, but your light source can make or break your trip.

Most of us are used to seeing streetlights and headlights at night — it’s easy to forget how dark it gets in the woods. Every camper should carry a flashlight. You will also need a larger light that provides enough illumination to work by. Most people associate propane lanterns with the great outdoors, but these lanterns aren’t necessarily the best option. Propane lanterns can be noisy and cannot be used in tents or campers, and you will need to pack and carry fuel. Because propane lanterns produce heat, they are a burn hazard.

LED worklights provide a safer and easier option. One light, the Might-D-Light (, proves especially useful, as its hinge can be moved to create either a large spray of light or directional lighting for close work. The Might-D-Light, which can attach to most metal surfaces with its rare earth magnets, hang from a hook or stand upright, is hands-free, so you can use it while performing tasks that require both hands, such as setting up a tent after dark or striking matches. The Might-D-Light can be recharged with an AC/DC adapter, so as long as you drive to your campsite, you won’t have to carry batteries or fuel.

How can the Might-D-Light make your trip more enjoyable? It lends itself to a variety of situations, including:

  • Any activity that takes place in your tent or camper. Need to grab a sweater from your pack? With the Might-D-Lite, you won’t have to fumble with a flashlight or create a potential fire hazard by taking your propane lamp indoors.
  • Playing games. Unless you plan on going to bed as soon as the sun sets, you’ll want to bring games to play after dark. With a hands-free folding light, you’ll have no trouble dealing cards or besting everyone at slapjack.
  • Keeping cool. LED lights don’t emit heat, so using the Might-D-Lite won’t create a sweltering campsite.
  • Hiking. The Might-D-Light folds for compact storage and is far more durable than a propane lantern, making it ideal for backcountry trips.
  • Around pets and children. With an LED light, you don’t have to worry about spilled fuel or burns.

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