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Climate hero of the week: Patagonia on Black Friday

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As we continue to see the effects of global climate change, it’s always heartening when we stumble across a story that shows how the general public bands together to help make a difference. Here at OutwardOn we are dedicated to honoring those who create innovative solutions to our world’s biggest climate problems. This week in Climate hero of the week we are featuring Patagonia, for their genius idea to donate 100% of their global retail and online Black Friday sales directly to grassroots nonprofits. Genius! 

Black Friday itself can rub environmentalists the wrong way—consuming tons of unsustainable products (that people don’t actually need) in crowded malls filled with clever marketing ploys isn’t exactly our cup of tea.

This is why we love companies who find innovative ways to use Black Friday and Cyber Monday for good. Last year REI decided to close down all of their stores to encourage people to #OptOutside instead of heading indoors to shop. Patagonia is arguably the best company when it comes down to building an environmentally-friendly business. So it really came as no surprise that they wouldn’t be keeping their Black Friday sales.

Patagonia donated these sales directly to grassroots nonprofits that are working on the frontlines to protect the earth’s air, water, and soil for future generations. Customers called this a “fundraiser for the earth.”

The company expected to reach $2 million in sales, but Patagonia ended up reaching a record-breaking $10 million in sales. Every penny is going directly to hundreds of grassroots environmental organizations working hard around the world, with little to no pay. Many of these organizations are underfunded and under the radar.

You can learn about the past recipients of Patagonia environmental grants here.

Patagonia made an impact on the environment this past Friday, but they’re encouraging us to continue raising our voices to defend policies and regulations that will protect wild places, reduce carbon emissions, build a modern energy economy based on renewables, and last but not least, ensure the U.S. stays committed to the Paris Agreement.

Patagonia was also pleased with the amount of people who had never bought anything from Patagonia before, but did make a purchase on Black Friday.

We’re encouraged to see the great interest from so many in making buying decisions that align with strong environmental values—and taking steps to get more directly involved as well. — Rose Marcario, President and CEO of Patagonia

In light of the recent election, a huge movement by a responsible company is just what the world needed to see. We needed to be reminded that when we join together we can make a big difference, even if our President-elect doesn’t believe in climate change

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