Climbing Old Rag Mountain

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The Old Rag Mountain, which is located in the Shenandoah National Park’s Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia and stands at 3,291 feet, is among the most popular destination for mountain climbers and hikers. Due to this, it attracts thousands of adventurous mountain climbers, hikers and backpackers throughout the year. This is quite good as it will bring you into contact with people who have the same interests as you hence, allowing you to challenge each other. In addition, the mountain exposes you to magnificent panoramic views that will leave you awed.

Things you should know in Regards to Climbing Old Rag Mountain:

Climbing this mountain can be quite a challenge for you will be required to climb through the few cracks on the rocks and not mentioning that the rocks are quite steep. To have a successful climb, you ought to be mentally and physically prepared.

Physical Preparedness:

In terms of physical preparedness, this is what will be expected of you:

Have Good Upper Body Strength: The reason for this, rock climbing is a strenuous activity and most especially now that you will be experiencing a significant change in elevation.

Shoes to Wear: Only wear shoes that have a good grip on the soles hence capable of supporting your ankles and ones that are capable of enabling you climb the very steep rocks without slipping.

Carry enough Food and Water: Through the 8 hours of climbing, you will need to constantly snack and quench your thirst. Thus, you should bring with you enough food and water. Salty snacks are always the best for they help in replenishing the electrolytes lost through sweat and, the water keeps you hydrated (pack at least three liters of water). To prevent the weight you are carrying from lagging you behind, opt to carry the food in a fanny pack and the water in a Camelbak.

Mental Preparedness:

Mental preparedness is all about programming your mind for an adventure of a lifetime. Simply think positive and believe that you are going to reach the summit.

Best Time to go Mountain Climbing at Old Rag Mountain:

Being so popular, there’s no one time you’ll find the place secluded. But, if you aren’t a fan of crowds, plan to go on your adventure on a weekday rather than on a weekend. Also, arrive on time, preferably by 8.00 am when there aren’t as many people around. Arriving early is also important for it will ensure that you finish your adventure before darkness sets in (it takes between 7-8 hours for one to finish climbing the mountain).

Climbing the Old Rag Mountain shouldn’t be a one day event. To better experience this phenomenal mountain, you can camp overnight – so long as the area you are camping at is not over 2,800 feet high or, find accommodation in any of the shelters along the trail. You may also make your experience more fun and memorable by bringing some friends or family members with you, carrying enough food and drinks so as to celebrate when you finally reach the summit and, bringing a camera to capture the beautiful moments and landscapes. And, it definitely goes without saying that you shouldn’t litter the environment.

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