Delicious vegan meat alternatives with recipes

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quick kung pao tofu recipe

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If you’ve made the decision to go vegan or simply to eat more plant-based food, you’re not alone. Vegan meat is far more environmentally-friendly than regular meat. The world of vegan meat alternatives is endless, so it’s sometimes hard to know where to jump in. Whether you’re looking at the rows of seitan, tofu, and tempeh at Whole Foods or wondering what’s exactly in those freezer meat-free corndogs, your questions about vegan meat can easily be answered!

Here’s a list of some of the most common vegan meat alternatives and how you can use them to create one-of-a-kind dishes at home. You might even be surprised at some of these creative vegan meat substitutes!


Tofu is an iconic vegan meat ingredient, seen in cuisines from all over the world. But what are the pale, soft blocks really made of? Tofu is made when soy milk is coagulated and pressed to extract as much water as possible. The more water remaining, the softer the block! You can make tofu at home, or simply purchase it in most grocery stores.

Tofu Recipes


Seitan, pronounced SAY-tan, is a lesser-known vegan meat alternative made from vital wheat gluten. The hearty substance lends itself particularly well to dishes where you would typically use hearty meat, like steak or chicken. Interested in trying seitan out for yourself?

Seitan Recipes


Originating from Indonesia, tempeh is made by naturally fermenting soybeans until bound into a cake-like form. This substantial vegan meat alternative is typically served in Asian dishes with noodles or rice, but it’s easy to get creative with it with the following recipes!

Tempeh Recipes


An up-and-coming vegan meat alternative, jackfruit isn’t a processed product at all. It’s simply a unique fruit with a pork-like consistency. It’s pretty sweet, but that makes for some delicious natural barbeque flavor! Here are a few ways to serve up jackfruit in place of meat.

Jackfruit Recipes


Chickpeas are a quick and simple alternative to meat because of their protein levels. And the best part is, they’re easily transformed into almost any shape, so you can use them to create anything from vegan meat burgers to meatloaf.

Chickpea Recipes


Walnuts are a surprising vegan meat alternative, but their dense meatiness is the perfect texture to recreate ground beef. All you need to add are a few extra spices, and you’ve got a protein-rich and extremely healthy meat substitute!

Walnut Recipes


These little bean-shaped legumes are a vital part of many cuisines around the world. And because they have a neutral taste and starchy texture, it’s easy to combine them with other ingredients to make a healthy vegan meat alternative.

Lentil Recipes


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