Descending into the Blanchard Springs Caverns

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The Blanchard Springs Caverns and the Living Cave is amongst the most beautiful cave systems in the country. What makes it stand out the most is its ability to keep on growing and changing. Thus, every time you visit the caverns, you’ll experience new things and see new formations. The Blanchard Springs Caverns is located at the Ozark-St. Francis National Forest in Arkansas.


The caverns have three level cave systems; two trails (Dripstone trail and the Discovery trail) and, one tour (Wild Cave tour). These trails wind through various water passages including an underground river.

  • Dripstone Trail: A tour on this trail is approximated to last for one hour. Some of the things you are guaranteed to see while here include the massive stalagmites and flowstones, the Cathedral Room and the Coral Rooms as well as small cave creatures such as crickets and salamanders. This part of trail is further stimulating for it has an easy decent (it only has 50 stair steps), is wheelchair accessible and has seating areas. It remains open all year round.
  • Discovery Trail: Taking a tour on this trail will take one and a half hours. Descending it is much complex for it has 700 stair steps. Some of the things to see on this tour include the early explorer’s campsites and an underground stream which is the one behind the creation of the caverns. Discover trail is only open during the summer.


This is one of the most challenging descent tours you will ever come across. As such, it requires participants who are physically fit and healthy. Basically, you will be expected to do a lot of climbing on its very steep grades, make your way through low ceiling areas, walk over clay and crawl to make your way through.

This tour takes a minimum of three and a maximum of 12 people at a go. What’s more is that you don’t have to carry any special gear when going on tour as knee-pads, gloves, belts, lights and hard hats are provided. Then, come the end of the tour, one gets a reward in form of a t-shirt. This tour ends at the Titans – a place with spectacular cave formations/columns. To get a tour at the Wild Cave, you have to make a group reservation.


The most ideal time to go descending into the Blanchard Springs Caverns is during the summer. This is because the caverns maintain a comfortable temperature of 58 degrees hence; enabling you beat the heat outside.


  • Due to the constant temperatures in the caverns (58 degrees) and high humidity (which is usually over 100), you should come dressed in warm clothing.
  • There being a couple of activities you can engage in within the Blanchard Springs grounds, such as swimming, fishing, hiking, biking and camping, your adventure would be more exciting were you to include these activities in your package.

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