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Eco-Friendly Date Ideas for Couples

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Eco-friendly couples

For eco-friendly couples, even date night should be environmentally friendly. While there are plenty of fun date ideas floating around, not all of them are eco-friendly date ideas. Fortunately there are lots of ways to have fun with your significant other that don’t negate an ethical, green lifestyle.

Check out this roundup of eco-friendly date ideas. Have any ideas to add? Continue the discussion in the comments!

Visit A Farmer’s Market

For easy eco-friendly date ideas during the day, stroll the local farmer’s market for unique foods and crafts. Have a favorite cheese maker? Bring your date to sample the best varieties. Maybe they have a favorite stand as well! Visiting a local market is a great opportunity to support small businesses, as well as making an eco-friendly statement.

Have A Picnic

What’s easier than planning a simple picnic in the park? After perusing the local farmer’s market, choose a few foods and stroll to the park. Great picnic items include cheese and crackers, fresh bread, cured meats, hummus, vegetables, and cold salads. Don’t forget the blanket!


Volunteering is not only a great way to bond with your partner; it’s also a great way to better the community. Find information online about which local organizations need the most help. From creating care packages to collecting blankets and jackets, there are so many ways you can give back. You can even take the environmental concept a step further by volunteering with a conservation group.

Go On A Bike Ride

Whether you own bikes or rent them through a bike share program, casual bike rides are  fantastic  eco-friendly date ideas for couples. Find your nearest greenway or riverfront path to ensure a stress-free ride. If you and your partner are serious cyclists, you can even go on a longer road ride or choose a new trail to mountain bike.

Star Gaze

Enjoy a cozy stargazing date night by packing a blanket and scoping out a spot away from city lights. Bring a reference book (or phone app) along to help you identify the stars and planets. Bonus: In the wintertime, pack a thermos of hot chocolate to share! (Peppermint schnapps optional.)

Explore A Museum

Museums are an ideal destination for both day and night dates because they often have exciting after-hours events along with the traditional exhibits. During the day, the exhibits and collections are great to explore together. Some museums even have rotating exhibitions, which makes visiting the same place feel new.
And at night, it’s always fun to get dressed up and experience whatever activity is on the schedule. From movie screenings to art demonstrations, after-hours museum events are such a unique date idea. And don’t worry— alcohol is almost always on the menu!

Take A Hike

Hikes are a simple way to share time in nature together, and great eco-friendly date ideas. To keep it fun, pack a picnic and a few beers to enjoy at the apex of the trail. Even better, choose a route neither of you has hiked before. That way, you experience something new together. There’s no better way to build a solid relationship than by having fun outdoors.

Mandy Burkholder is a travel, adventure, and outdoor writer who honed her craft in the foothills of the La Plata Mountains of Southwest Colorado. After a stint in the Swiss Alps, she now resides in Tennessee. Follow her on twitter — @mandyburkhold3r

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