Father’s Day outdoor activities you can bond over

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This Father’s Day, why not hang out with your dad outside? Summer is here, and there are endless ways to enjoy the beautiful weather in the outdoors. Show your dad how much you care by planning a fun-filled day outside with any of these activities!


Chances are, your city or town has a hiking trail of some kind. Make it an all day activity, or make it a short hike. If you’re lucky enough to live near mountains, explore the area and find a cool place to hike to and just spend some quality time together. Added bonus, you each get a workout!


Go on a bike ride! Whether its around your neighborhood or on a bike trail, a bike ride is always fun. Plus, when going at a leisurely pace you can have a conversation while riding, making for the perfect Father’s Day activity.


If your dad has a green thumb, why not put it to good use together? Teach each other how to plant different things and spend some time outside. If you don’t have a garden, make one! Stopping by the store and buying a few plants to incorporate into your yard could be a really fun bonding experience.

Go on a walk

If you don’t live somewhere that has a hiking trail that you would like to go to, just take a walk around your neighborhood or the area in which you live. Even take your dog (if you have one)! Walking and talking is an easy way to incorporate time outside and time getting to know each other even deeper.

Build something

If your dad is handy, have him help you build something. Whether it be a project for around the house or something completely random, the teaching experience could be really fun!

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