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The Commonwealth of Virginia is a mid-Atlantic state that offers an abundance of cycling opportunities for riders of all types.

Virginia’s geography spans from the Atlantic Ocean well into the Blue Ridge Mountains offering beautiful terrain of many various types. Virginia cycling routes and their endless beauty and varying terrain will meet the discerning tastes of any cyclists.

Weather in Virginia for Cycling

Virginia has a moderately temperate seasonal climate. Some regions of the state have weather conducive to year round cycling in places like Richmond, Virginia Beach, Willliamsburg and Surry. Riders often enjoy riding in every month with the help of good cycling gear like windproof jackets and gloves that can help knock off chill.

The far western regions experience more winter precipitation, but the effect on bicycling varies from year to year. Many cyclists still enjoy mountain biking and road riding in the winter months in places like Blacksburg, Radford, Wytheville, and Abingdon.

The seasonal beauty in each region changes with the procession of changes that spring, summer, fall and winter bring. Virginia cycling routes that are covered with lush green foliage in the summer morph into spectacular displays of color in fall. Then as winter comes, they reveal breathtaking views as foliage recedes and the tones of winter come into play.

The Williamsburg region of the state average high temperatures:

  • Winter 47 degrees
  • Spring 59 degrees
  • Summer 84 degrees
  • Fall 79 degrees

Central Virginia Temperature (Shenandoah Valley) Average temperatures for Bike Riding

  • Winter 40 degrees
  • Spring 53 degrees
  • Summer 81 degrees
  • Fall 76 degrees

Mountainous regions of the state average temperatures:

  • Winter 40 degrees
  • Spring 55 degrees
  • Summer 80 degrees
  • Fall 76 degrees

Virginia’s climate offers cyclists the opportunity to bike ride for much if not all of the year. If the climate in a specific region of the state is too cold or too hot for a cyclist’s preferences, a short drive will carry you into the mountains where the air is cooler or toward the valleys and eastern region where temperatures are warmer.

Hilly and Flat Cycling Routes

With geography that varies greatly from eastern marsh and flat farmland to the steep mountains and deep valleys of Southwest Virginia bike riders are able to pick and choose something that fits their taste and ability. Riders can find many places to enjoy riding in their own location, and can enjoy different riding options within an hour or two.

For riders that like flat and rolling land Virginia cycling routes in the central portion of the state and eastern regions are sure to be a favorite. The Shenandoah Valley offers cyclists a chance to ride in some of the state’s most beautiful valleys. Great rides can be found in an around the Staunton and Luray areas. Surry Virginia offers a ton of historic bike routes surrounded by farmland and water and is just a short drive or bike ride from Williamsburg.

For those that love riding in the mountains or hills, Southwest Virginia and Central Virginia’s Blue Ridge mountains offer challenge and beauty that can’t be beat. Many great routes can be found surrounding Harrisonburg, Roanoke, Blacksburg, and Abingdon. There’s something for everyone whether you’re looking for an epic century route or a short jaunt into the beautiful countryside.

Beginner to Advanced Cycling Routes

If you’re looking for places to ride in Virginia there are many bike routes that offer options for each skill level.

Beginner bike riders can enjoy both roads, trails, and bike routes that are suited for developing skills. Many of the state’s bike paths and lanes make ideal places to enjoy a bicycle without traffic or technically demanding riding. New riders should consider visiting some of the trails like the Virginia Capital Trail, High Bridge Trail State Park, Huckleberry Trail, or the New River Trail. Each of these places makes a fun bike destination where you can spend an enjoyable day surrounding by interesting sights.

For beginner riders looking for mountain biking routes, consider some of the state’s parks. Pocahontas State Park in central Virginia is a cyclists haven with its great selection of well marked trails. York River state park in the Williamsburg area is also a fun place to spend a day getting into mountain biking.

For advanced road riders, Virginia cycling routes will sure to please the senses. If climbing is your poison of choice then be sure to tackle Virginia’s famed Vesuvius Mountain on national Bike Route 76. Practice your cornering skills near Floyd Virginia on the winding mountain roads that lead to the Blue Ridge Parkway or strike out on long double century in the Ellet Valley outside Blacksburg.

Advanced mountain bikers can challenge themselves technically in the James River Park system in the heart of Richmond. Or take on the great climbs of the Shenandoah Valley near Stokesville.

Never Boring, Bike Routes for Great Riding

Virginia cycling events 2015 routes guarantee happy riding and will never leave you with a bored mind. With beautiful farmland, interesting geography and abundant history, you’re sure to find a place to bike that will make your day great. A little research on places to bike ride in Virginia and you’ll be on the way to seeing something amazing.

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