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The holidays are a time of giving, but that often means an increase in production of unsustainable merchandise to meet demand. Fortunately, there are plenty of wonderful green gifts that promote sustainable environmental practices for all ages. From recycled plastic toys to SodaStreams, there’s surely a sustainable option out there for everyone on your gift list. Here are some green gift ideas that promote sustainability.


Giving a plant is a thoughtful way to bring life into someone’s home. Not only do plants reduce carbon dioxide levels while releasing oxygen; they also help humidify interiors and purify the air. There’s no better gift than providing a healthful environment! You can even choose a locally crafted pot to go along with the luscious plant, which adds another layer to sustainable green gifts!

Recycled Plastic Toys

The upswing of popularity in eco-friendly lifestyles has greatly impacted the toy industry. Companies such as Green Toys make exceptional children’s toys out of recycled plastic. It’s now easier than ever to purchase a traditional toy… without the traditional waste practices! Green toys make great green gifts.


Instead of hitting the chain jewelry stores this year, consider purchasing handmade gifts for the special person in your life. A few examples can be found on the Viva Terra site, but there are sure to be plenty of local choices as well. Promoting small businesses with sustainable practices are the best way to reduce big business waste.

Reusable Water Bottles

Give the gift of everyday sustainability by purchasing a suite of reusable water bottles for your friends and family. There are dozens of fantastic choices, from stainless steel to glass. There are even options for children (with sippy lids) and infants! And because everyone should be drinking lots of water throughout the day, you’ll be promoting an eco-friendly lifestyle while also promoting wellness, too.

Bird/Bat Houses

Bird and bat houses are a gift both children and adults will enjoy. The benefits of colorful wildlife in your backyard are endless, but did you know that bats have much to offer as well? For example, a single brown bat can eat upwards of 1000 mosquitos in only one hour. Say goodbye to summer nights spent battling the unbearable insect!


For those who can’t go a day without their diet soda or sparkling water, consider giving a SodaStream. These powerful machines can be used to create anything from root beer to DIY sparkling lime drinks.

Recycled Glass Vases

For an elegant touch in any home, a beautiful vase is a must. There are so many recycled glass options out there that your only quandary will be how to pick one!

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