Guide to the Best Fishing Bait

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Whether you’re an expert fisher, or you still think worms are the only bait you can use to fish, it doesn’t hurt to review what the best bait is for the type of fish you’re catching. Based on lake, river, stream, and ocean, your fishing bait can greatly vary. Fish care about the color, shape, size, and texture of your bait, and we have the best options so you won’t go home empty-handed.

You have two main options when it comes to fishing bait—natural or artificial bait. With both kinds there are additional rubs, scents, and powders that provide a better smell to attract certain types of fish. The benefit of artificial bait is that you can use it again and again, while saving money. With natural bait, you have to buy the bait fresh every time you fish, and you have to make sure the bait stays fresh until you’re done fishing for the day. If you really want to catch the best fish, natural bait is the way to go because it is sometimes tricky to convince fish that artificial bait is real.

  • Worms: Worms are easy bait to find and store. Worm bait cane either be earthworms or nightcrawlers. You can even find them for free if you search the ground after it rains. If you’re fishing for bluegills, then worms are the way to go. If you’re fishing from the shoreline you’ll want to use a worm and bobber, especially when the panfish crowd the shallow shoreline cover. Night crawlers can also reel in bass fairly well.
  • Crayfish: Fishing for bass? They love crayfish, also known as crawdads.
  • Baitfish: Minnows are the most common type of baitfish. Most fishing stores carry minnows and offer them in a variety of sizes. Baitfish is best for catching crappie. To catch your own minnows, use bread as bait. The fathead minnow is the most popular choice for perch and crappies nine inches long and two pounds or more.
  • Leeches: If you are fishing in deep waters, leeches are an excellent choice.
  • Insects: Ants, grasshoppers, and crickets are all great choices of bait for catching bluegills. You can find these insects at pet stores or fishing stores.
  • Sculpin: This ugly type of baitfish is the best bait for larger trout, especially trophy browns.
  • Redtail chub: To catch behemoth walleye in the fall season, use redtail chub.
  • Doughballs: Use doughballs for carp and catfish. Best Bait for Fishing offers a simple recipe so you can prepare the bait at home.
  • Spinnerbaits: As the name suggests, spinnerbaits have a metal bar that spins to catch the attention of fish. This bait works best on bass.
  • Flies: Flies are used to catch fish that feed on the surface of the water. This type of bait is mainly used for trout in conjunctions with special fly fishing gear.

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