ICYMI: Rio Olympics 2016 day four round-up

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21st Gold for Phelps,

After winning his first gold medal Monday night, Michael Phelps won two more last night as team USA continues to dominate in the pool. 19-year-old Katie Ledecky picked up her second gold medal of the games in the 200m freestyle. The “Final Five” USA women’s gymnastics team also took away gold for the second year in a row. Catch more of the highlights from day four here! Below are the current medal standings for the Rio Olympics 2016:

  1. United States: 27 (10 Gold, 8 Silver, 9 Bronze)
  2. China: 17 (8 Gold, 3 Silver, 6 Bronze)
  3. Japan: 14 (3 Gold, 1 Silver, 10 Bronze)
  4. Russia: 13 (3 Gold, 7 Silver, 3 Bronze)
  5. Australia: 9 (4 Gold, 0 Silver, 5 Bronze)
  6. Italy: 9 (3 Gold, 4 Silver, 2 Bronze)

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