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Island Hopping In The Stockholm Archipelago

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Quiet coastal village on Stockholm archipelago at evening (Kopmanholm, Sweden)

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Island Hopping In The Stockholm Archipelago

Sweden’s capital is home to the Stockholm Archipelago, a group of 30,000 islands just 30 minutes from Stockholm. The Stockholm Archipelago offers something for arts patrons, foodies and nature enthusiasts alike. Each island of the archipelago offers its own unique cultural experience.

Meet Locals & Find Artistic Inspiration On Runmarö

Known as the “author’s island,” Runmarö has served as artistic inspiration for Swedish writers and painters for centuries. With more than 25 varieties of orchids and nine lakes, the island offers unparalleled diversity in plant and animal life. Runmarö is one of few islands with a large resident population, which means there are lots of bakeries, cafes and craft shops to welcome visitors. In July, you can learn a bit about local culture while celebrating Runmarö Day. Due to it’s location as one of the outermost islands, it’s also a great place to begin a kayaking trip.

Surf & Fish On Nynäshamn

The Nynäshamn can be accessed directly from Stockholm’s Central Station. The island is situated on a large fishing harbor where you can enjoy fish on the deck with the locals. Complement your meal with local beer, chocolate, sausage and honey. Surfers will be happy to know that Nynäshamn is the archipelago’s most popular destination to catch waves.

Vaxholm, The Archipelago’s Capital

Vaxholm is considered the Archipelago’s capital and was established in the 16th century. Though originally a military post, in the 19th century Vaxholm became a popular spot for affluent socialites. Spend a day on Vaxholm to enjoy water sports with the country’s best clubs and visit a restaurant to enjoy the local delicacy, herring.

Military History On Muskö

For more military history visit the island of Muskö, home of the Swedish Navy for four centuries. Among the most popular military mementos is the Älvsnabben, an anchor that commemorates men that served during the Thirty Years’ War. Though the large military base in the mountain is closed, the island is still accessible through a three-kilometer underwater tunnel that was built in the 1960s.

Birdwatching On Landsort

At the southern tip of the archipelago, Landsort’s idyllic lighthouse is the oldest in the country and offers a stunning backdrop against the rock formations and waves. On the island, you’re likely to see seals and sea eagles and other wild birds.

Visit Local Museums On Grisslehamm

Grisslehamm is home to the Engström museum, named for the famous poet and author, Albert Engström. Not far beyond his home and studio, is a two-hundred year-old replica of a telegraph, which was used to send messages in the 18th and 19th centuries. With a day spa, miniature golf course and numerous restaurants and fisheries, you can easily spend a full day immersed in Swedish culture on Grisslehamm.

The Stockholm Archipelago is the perfect destination for indecisive travelers seeking adventure. Enjoy freshly prepared fish and a variety of sports from surfing to fishing and hiking along the beach, rocks and grassy meadows. The islands are also home to a variety of bed and breakfasts, historic hostels and luxury hotels. Whether you want to visit several islands in a day or spend a week along the Baltic Sea, you’ll never get bored while visiting the Stockholm Archipelago.

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