Noah Wallace Shares His Off-Season Fitness Secrets

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Pro freeskier Noah Wallace has wrapped up an impressive season, making the podium four times. This helped him achieve a rank of 8th place for Slopestyle with the Association of Freeskier Professionals (AFP). Even though Wallace is beginning summer with much to celebrate, he knows the hard work never stops. Check out our interview with Wallace to learn how he stays in shape during his off-season.

What summer activities help you the most in maintaining the fitness required for skiing?

During the summer I usually ride bikes, hike, swim, jump on trampolines, surf, and thanks to Mt. Hood I still get to ski a bit in the summer!

What is the hardest area to train when you don’t have a mountain? What do you do to make sure you strengthen this area?

Even when we have a mountain the hardest thing to train for skiers would easily be our upper bodies. Although we tend to be much more concerned about our knees, the upper body is something we have to take care of as well, just in case of the unexpected slam. What I normally like to do for this area is a variety of weight lifting, gymnastics, and surfing—a lot of paddling.

What is your favorite summer sport?

Any and all kinds of water sports. Whether it’s surfing, swimming, or something random. I also enjoy golf a lot, and I try to play as much as I can when I’m at home.

How is the off-season essential to your overall health and performance?

The off-season is when I try to get in the best possible shape of the upcoming season. Along with exercising, it helps me just as much to take a step back from the snow to reevaluate my goals and get in the right mindset for winter.

What were your greatest accomplishments from this previous season?

This year I was able to make the podium four times at various contests all over the world ranking me at 8th place for Slopestyle with the Assocciation of Freeskier Professionals (AFP), along with winning a virtual contest for The North Face Park and Pipe Open Series, which helped me get to film with Tom Wallisch and Good Company this spring.

What are you looking forward to most next season?

I’m looking forward to a lot of fun laps with the buddies, as well as tons of traveling for contests and filming.  I just want to keep on progressing, doing well at contests, along with filming a few edits that I’m hyped on.

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