Planet roundup: Death of the environment, new dinosaurs and more

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Happy Friday, everyone! Here at OutwardOn, we are dedicated to keeping you up to date on everything important happening on our planet, including the health of its resources, animals and more. So, each Friday we are bringing you Planet Roundup—the most important environmental news stories (the good and the bad) that happened during the week to make sure you’re caught up on everything.

In memory of the environment…

The hand of a young woman touching the moss on a tree in the autumn

Image: Shutterstock/Lolostock

With the results of our shocking election this week comes the death of the environment. Donald Trump does not believe in global warming or that climate change is an immediate threat to our world, there is no denying that. He wants to get rid of the EPA, cancel the monumental Paris Climate Agreement, and he refuses to fund clean energy research. However, there could be some good news.

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Birds eat plastic because it smells like food

pelican . bird living on the ocean. America

Image: Shutterstock/Skreidzeleu

It has long been thought that the reason birds feed on plastic particles littered throughout our beaches and oceans is because they simply don’t know any better. However, in a study published on Wednesday, it has been found that seabirds respond to a certain chemical, dimethyl sulfide, mistaking the plastic for food.

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New Delhi shuts down schools because of deadly smog


The world’s most polluted capital has shut down schools, halted construction work and shut down a major power plant in attempts to shield citizens from the deadly smog. The pollution is currently around 30 times WHO’s recommended safe limit.

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New species of dinosaur discovered


Scientists have discovered a surprisingly intact fossil of the newly named “Tongtianlong limosus”, meaning “muddy dragon on the road to heaven”. The fossil was discovered in China where workers were using dynamite, nearly blowing up the specimen.

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