Planet Roundup: Gatlinburg fires, Patagonia and more

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Happy weekend, everyone. You already know everyone here at OutwardOn.com is dedicated to bringing you important and interesting information about everything going on around our planet. You’ve got to be updated on what’s going on as far as we’re concerned, so here is this week’s planet roundup to do just that. You’re welcome.

Smoky Mountain wildfires take over Gatlinburg

smoky mountain wild fire, twitter

Image: Twitter

Several places surrounding the area of Gatlinburg, TN were forced to evacuate Monday night as wildfires spread¬†around Sevier County. Popular places like Dollywood were also closely watching the flames to ensure their guests’ safety.

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Patagonia’s impressive donation

patagonia donation black friday environment nonprofit

Image: The Cleanest Line

Instead of reaping the benefits for the company on Black Friday like most brands do, Patagonia did quite the opposite. Following the popular shopping day, Patagonia chose to donate 100% of their profits to grassroots nonprofits. How amazing is that?

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Future Apple devices may be able to warn you about environmental dangers

Woman geocaching in forest and using map app on smartphone

Image: Shutterstock/Kaspars Grinvalds

Apple recently published a patent application that includes an embedded environmental sensor in their devices that could sample both gas and liquids. This means that future iPhones and Apple Watch could warn you of environmental dangers around you that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to detect.

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Are the increasing tornado outbreaks due to global warming?


Image: Shutterstock/Justin Hobson

Apparently there has been an increase in tornados in the past few decades across the globe. Is there any chance global warming plays a part in this?

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