Planet roundup: New EPA head, earthquakes and more

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Happy Friday, everyone! Here at OutwardOn, we are dedicated to keeping you up to date on everything important happening on our planet, including the health of its resources, animals and more. So, each Friday we are bringing you Planet Roundup—the most important environmental news stories (the good and the bad) that happened during the week to make sure you’re caught up on everything.

New EPA head appointed by Trump

A coal-fired power station in the distance in agricultural landscape. The power station Niederaussem has the second highest cooling tower in the world with a height of 200m.

Image: Shutterstock/IndustryAndTravel

President-elect Donald Trump has chosen to appoint Myron Ebell, one of the most well-known climate skeptics, to lead the impending EPA transition. This means that all of the existing climate policies set up by Obama will likely be subject to change very soon.

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Earthquakes in Oklahoma may be caused by man


Image: NBC News

Earthquakes have been ravaging Oklahoma this month, about 46 already this month. The rise in hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, in Oklahoma could be triggering these booms in the earth.

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John Kerry’s visit to Antarctica

John Kerry, along with a team of scientists, recently visited Antarctica to see first-hand the effects of a community experiencing climate change. While this is a big step for a high-up leader of the U.S. to visit such a place, there is still room to grow with policy changes under the upcoming Trump administration.

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