Planet Roundup: Trump’s EPA pick, green buildings and more

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planet roundup 12/16

Happy weekend, everyone. We’re back with another Planet Roundup to keep you in the loop with everything important going on around the world. Enjoy.

Trump’s EPA pick could destroy the earth

Scott Pruit EPA Trump


Many environmentalists are concerned with Trump’s choice to head the EPA. Nominating former Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt shows that Trump is mainly concerned with removing restrictions on businesses that were put into place to protect the environment. So there’s that.

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Colorado is about to kill bears and mountain lions

Colorado officials are about to proceed with their plan to kill dozens of mountain lions and bears in efforts to boost the declining deer population.

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Portland votes no to new fossil fuel infrastructure

portland oregon sign

Portland recently became the first in the nation to vote unanimously to ban any further building of fossil fuel terminals. Under specific zoning codes, Portland is setting a trend to take matters of the environment into their own hands.

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Green buildings are healthier for you, a new study finds

green building

According to research that analyzed workers in certified green buildings in five U.S. cities, the people working in those buildings showed higher cognitive functions, better work while in the office, and better sleep once they got home. This could be because the buildings had better ventilation, and therefore less carbon dioxide and chemicals that are emitted by furniture and carpets.

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