Plunging into the Meramec Caverns

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Meramec Caverns

By: Jinx!

Are you planning on traveling to or passing through Missouri? If yes, you should include a visit to the highly famed Meramec Caverns on Route 66 onto your itinerary. Approximated to be over 400 years old, this underground wonder exposes you to the world’s second largest and rarest cave formations, its beauties as well as the hideout of Missouri’s most notorious criminal, Jesse James. If you are an outdoors person, there’s no question as to whether you will love it here. Examples of activities that you can take a shot at include:

1. Swimming:

Supposing that it’s a hot summer day and you would like to take a swim in some of the best waters in the world, this is the place to be. Waters from River Meramec are unbelievably clean, fresh and of good depth hence allowing both kids and adults to have the swim of their life.

2. Zip Lining:

Zip lining gives you one and a half hours of adventure through the tallest tree tops and across the Meramec River. Included in this adventure are four zip rides that vary in length (200 to 1250 feet) and three swinging sky bridges. Zip-lining is only open from March to October.

3. Camping and Picnicking:

Can’t get enough of these underground jewels? If this is the case, you can camp overnight and enjoy the serenity of this remote yet sophisticated area of Missouri at night. Then, during the day, you can gather your friends or family to have a picnic within the area.

4. Fishing:

How good of a fisherman/lady are you? Your expertise doesn’t really matter. What matters is that fishing or giving a shot at fishing at River Meramec will be more than just fun. You will have fun, learn a lot and possible, catch some really good fish that you can have for dinner.

5. Hiking:

The cavern is surrounded by immaculately groomed trails that are just perfect for hiking. These are found within the larger park area. Also, while hiking, you’ll get an opportunity to see the diverse aquatic life forms that’s showcased at the park’s aquarium.

6. Going on Lantern Tours:

To fully experience the magical history of the caverns, you have to sign up for lantern tours. This is whereby visitors to the caverns are guided through the caverns by the light coming from hand-help lanterns rather than the usual well-lighted walkways.

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