Residents On A California Crumbling Cliff Refuse To Evacuate

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Residents On A California Crumbling Cliff Refuse To Evacuate

Just south of San Francisco lies a residential area of cliffside apartments with an impeccable view of the Pacific ocean. This million dollar view comes with an unbelievably affordable price. So what’s the catch? These apartments sit atop severely crumbling cliffs. The residents have been warned of the danger their homes are in, but even with some buildings partially over the cliff, the cliff dwellers are set on staying put with their scenic view. Where else can someone find a cheap Malibu-like lifestyle for just $1,500 a month?

According to NBC News, city officials tagged twenty units as uninhabitable, but the people who live there still refuse to leave even if it means violating government orders. One resident told NBC that the buildings won’t fall in ten seconds, and that she would have plenty of time to gather her things and leave if necessary. What’s the reason these residents are staying in the face of life-threatening danger? They simply love their location. In fact, many residents would go so far as to say they still feel safe in their homes, so why should they leave just because they’re told to?

Unfortunately, the danger is truly severe. Since 2003 the cliffs along the Pacific Ocean have been crumbling from storm damage and El Niño. Six years ago an entire apartment building was evacuated so this cliff crumbling isn’t recent news to the residents. But with the passing of El Niño came a state of emergency. Enormous chunks of the cliffs fell hundreds of feet below to the water. Officials are certain of catastrophic collapse. City Manager Lorie Tinfow is desperate for help, asking for state and federal assistance to deal with the loss of so much public infrastructure.

While some refuse to leave, others are aware of the hopeless state of their beloved apartments. The California crumbling cliff isn’t slowing down anytime soon, and some people are packing up their belongings and looking for somewhere new to live. Their lives will be changed drastically as they search for a home of equal price, which they won’t find anywhere near the coastline.

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