Rio 2016 Olympics day six highlight: Simone Biles wins all the gold

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Image: Twitter

Image: Twitter

It wouldn’t be a proper Olympics without a proper celestially bright Olympics (American) sweetheart, and after Day 6 of competition came to a close, it looks like we’ve found our unequivocal Disney-cheese level of infatuation – Simone Biles. While Michael Phelps continued his dominance in Day 6, and Ryan Lochte offered yet another hilariously vapid bit of commentary – ‘I’d be the Michael Phelps of swimming if he wasn’t there.’ – which actually ends up being a little heartbreaking, coming from the heart breaker, but in the end they both were topped by a 19-year old gymnast, none other than the tiny titan of the gymnastics all-around, Simone Biles.

Standing at a whopping 4’9”, Simone Biles managed to create a sensation and presence in her all-around final performance that solidified her as not only the best gymnast in this year’s Olympics, but in the history of the Games, too. Granted, many already believed that Biles was the greatest Olympic gymnast ever long before she ever set foot on any balance beam or mat. Her gold medal mission made her one of the most relatable and marketable athletes at these games – she’s easily relatable amongst the much envied 14-24 crowd with her small stature, but can extend her appeal to the older-set who might admire her competitive spirit.

Biles managed to dominate throughout the Amanar portion of her individual competition, as she and her USA teammate Aly Raisman emerged as the two front runners in the all-around final, however Biles ran into a slight hiccup as Russian gymnast Aliya Mustafina put on an impressive effort on the uneven bars which pushed Biles into second place. But being the three-time world champion, Biles crushed the rest of the individual competition, and put on the highest scoring floor routine of the day – 15.933 – which brought her coach Aimee Boorman to tears.

Undoubtedly, Boorman wasn’t the only person Biles brought to tears – her opponents and admirers alike – in her quest for global gymnastic domination. Following Day 6, she’s managed to do just that, as well as inspire the likes of many a celebrity –getting a “low-key” girl crush confirmation from Kim Kardashian, making Elizabeth Banks cry, and even a mention from HRC herself. Needless to say, the next six months will be utterly whirl wind for Biles, a she’s likely poised to end up on many a Wheaties box and Cover Girl add.

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