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Plan a Tennessee Whiskey Road Trip

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Tennessee Whiskey road trip

In the last few years, the popularity of Nashville, Tennessee has skyrocketed. Food, tourism, transplants, and condo constructions have jumped in number considerably. There are several articles that rank Nashville as a premier bachelorette party location. Another industry that has grown considerably in the last few years is the whiskey and spirit distillers in and around the Nashville area. The traditional distilled spirits from the Nashville area are Tennessee whiskey and moonshine, but now, bourbon, rum, gin, and several other spirits are made in middle Tennessee. Here is a look at the distillers, and some things to consider when planning a road trip to tour them. Follow the links to find directions and tour schedules. 

In Nashville:

There are several Distilleries in Nashville that have been established in the last ten years. Many of them you can visit without even leaving the city.

Corsair Distillery

Corsair Distillery specializes in more than just whiskey, though they have an impressive selection of them. They also have gins, rums, and moonshines, and they even have an absinthe and a Quinoa whiskey. They are a fun company that is worth a visit.

Nashville Craft Distillery

Nashville Craft is a distillery that creates some interesting spirits. Their Manifesto is an un-aged whiskey that has been mellowed over maple charcoal in the Tennessee Whiskey tradition. They also have gin, and a “rum” made with locally sourced sorghum syrup instead of sugar cane. This is a great stop for your Tennessee Whiskey road trip.

Greenbrier Distillery

Greenbrier Distillery makes bourbon and white whiskeys. They also have bourbon that has been aged in sherry, madeira, or cognac casks in the European tradition. Greenbrier is an elegant option for the true whiskey aficionado.

Popcorn Sutton Distillery 

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There are few legends in the history of moonshine “likker” that have achieved the status of Popcorn Sutton. After his death, his wife and partner opened their distillery in his name and using his recipe. If you want to try moonshine for the first time, or if you are a regular moonshine drinker, Popcorn Sutton’s distillery is a must on your Tennessee whiskey road trip.

Prichard’s Distillery

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Prichard’s Distillery has become a pillar in the Middle Tennessee area. They started crafting rums and spirits (like their Sweet Lucy Liqueur). They now have crafted an impressive array of Bourbons, traditional Tennessee Whiskey, white corn liquor, Rye, as well as several flavored liqueurs. Prichard’s is also great for a Tennessee Whiskey road trip because they have two locations. The Nashville Fontanel location is right in the city, and their Kelso location is in southern-middle Tennessee near Daniel and Dickel. So you can hit their tour is you stay in the city, or if you go on a day trip out of the city.

Outside of Nashville:

Leipers Fork Distillery

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The picturesque town of Leipers Fork is about 30 minutes south-west of Nashville, and is the location of Leipers Fork Distillery. They craft a white whiskey, a Tennessee bourbon, and a Tennessee whiskey. This is a great trip to get out of the city of Nashville for a quick day trip without committing to the whole day of driving required to get to the big two from Nashville.

Short Mountain Distillery

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Short Mountain Distillery makes moonshines, and they take pride in doing so. They also have a great restaurant and an impressive Instagram page. To get to their location is a good hour and 20-30 minutes outside of Nashville. This is another great day trip to get out of the city, but Short Mountain is not close to any other distilleries. This would be a one stop day trip.

The Big Two:

The two most well-known Tennessee whiskeys in the earth are Jack Daniel’s and George Dickel. Luckily, both of their distilleries are close to each other, and Pricard’s Kelso location is just up the road. The perfect trip would be to spend one day visiting the Nashville distilleries, and a second day hitting Dickel, Daniel, and Prichard. To get to these two Distilleries is at least 1 hour and fifteen minutes from Nashville, but the drive is gorgeous. It would be a shame to come to Nashville for a Middle-Tennessee whiskey road trip and miss these two. Jack Daniels has several tours and provides a wonderful experience. 

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