The 2016 Harbin Ice And Snow Festival Is The Most Impressive Thing You’ll Ever See

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The 2016 Harbin Ice And Snow Festival Is The Most Impressive Thing You’ll Ever See

The most unbelievable ice and snow sculptures you’ll ever find reside in China’s northeast province of Heilongjiang in the city of Harbin. Harbin may not be a city you’ve ever heard of, but it draws in more than a million of visitors each year for this festival. Not only are these ice and snow sculptures impressive by their artistic detail, but they’re also lit up at night for an outstanding light show. What’s even better? You are allowed to climb the sculptures and play on them freely—and you can even roam the halls inside them! Visitors can also ride sleighs on the Songhua River which runs along side Harbin and the festival. The 2016 Harbin Ice And Snow Festival which began on January 5 will run through February.

From sculptures of people to life-size castles, the festival has it all. Ice sculptures are see-through works of art that catch the light during the daytime and make an impressive masterpiece at night with colorful lights. The snow sculptures are beautiful, clean, white pieces with impeccable detail that’s far from any igloo or snowman you may have created in your day. Each sculpture requires teams of people during its creation and throughout the festival for maintenance. Visitors to the 2016 Harbin Ice And Snow Festival can watch as the artists perfect their work.

On the launch day of the 2016 Harbin Ice And Snow Festival, swimmers competed in a pool carved from thick ice for the Harbin Ice Swimming Competition. On the night of opening day a fireworks show tops the already-lit ice and snow sculptures for an even more awe-inspiring picture.

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