The 5 Best Gear Subscription Boxes Out There

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The 5 Best Gear Subscription Boxes Out There

Subscription boxes are a trend that has staying power. Lucky for us, they aren’t all beauty products and obscure foods.

Check out this review of the five best gear subscription boxes from across the United States. With diverse offerings, there’s definitely something for every outdoor enthusiast on this list!


Each month, Cairn delivers exciting products from the outdoor and recreational industry right to your door. Expect items such as apparel, gear, food, skincare, and medical supplies. Cairn is a great all-around subscription for those looking to gift a box to the outdoor enthusiast in their family. And at $25 per month, you can’t beat the price, either!

S.E.R.E. Box

If you’re looking to prepare yourself for any possible danger, S.E.R.E. Box is the choice for you. The name, which stands for Store, Equip, Rescue, and Escape, gives a clear indication of each month’s box contents. Each box is themed around a particular place, event, or danger. For example, the $59 “welcome box” is stuffed with items that are perfect to stash in your car in case of emergency.

Isle Box

Founded with the beauty and integrity of Isle Royale National Park in mind, Isle Box is focused on providing their subscribers with the latest and greatest gear. Starting at $44.99/month, customers have the option of subscribing to three channels: The Starter Box, The Monthly Pass, and Seasonal Pass. While the Monthly and Seasonal Passes have their perks, the Starter Box is definitely the shining product. The one-time box contains everything you’d need to take on your first overnight trip, including: sleeping bag, stove, water filtration system, medical kit, and freeze-dried meals.

The Feed

Mix up your energy bar game by customizing a monthly box from The Feed. With six packages (starting at $30/month) tailored to individual action sports, The Feed is a no-nonsense take on the snack box. But if you’re into pre-selecting your tasty treats, the company will let you choose each item in your box for a fully customizable experience. The best part? The Feed allows you to try great nutritional foods from companies large and small, allowing you to sample products you might not find in big-box stores.

Campbox Co

The Campbox Co subscription boxes change seasonally, with the intent of providing weather-appropriate gear for all your adventures. Items such as medical kits, organic foods, cooking sets, knives, and other camping gear are all included in each monthly box. Starting at $34.95 per month, the slightly steeper price indicates the items are abundant, durable, and well-tested.


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