This New Invention Will Outsmart Tsunamis

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How To Prepare For A Tsunami: Make A Tsunamiball

While the year 2011 may seem long gone to most of us, the tsunami that struck Japan in March of that year is still etched in our minds. The tsunami was initiated by a magnitude-9 earthquake. In 2013, debris from the tsunami reached the shores of North America. The earthquake and tsunami combined killed more than 230,000 people.

Chris Robinson of Palo Alto, California was so impacted by this disaster that he began to wonder if a natural disaster of similar or greater size would ever reach his shore. As a result, he set out to create a tsunami-proof boat to help families prepare for a tsunami in the future.

The tsunamiball is primarily made from plywood and is twenty-two feet long. The boat is still developing, but Robinson’s goal is to test it in the Pacific and then rent it from his backyard on Airbnb. Rather than construct the survival pods in bulk and sell them, Robinson plans to share the blueprint and instructions online so anyone has access to build their own tsunamiball.

To learn more about Chris’s building process and how you can get started on your own survival boat, visit

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