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Thrilling Adventures In Western Australia

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Lucky Bay

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Thrilling Adventures In Western Australia

Australia’s most western state is a little-known hotbed of exciting outdoor adventures. Full of backpacking routes, beach walks, mountains, deserts, and wildlife, Western Australia is the world’s hidden gem.

With so many places to pick from, it might be hard to narrow down everything you want to see in Western Australia. Collected here are some of the top adventures that even the most experienced outdoor enthusiast will enjoy.

Whether you build a trip around whale watching, desert backpacking, or koala-spotting, the adventure of a lifetime is waiting for you in Western Australia!

Nambung National Park

If backpacking the Australian Outback is your dream, add Nambung National Park to your bucket list. Located on the Indian Ocean coast in Western Australia, Nambung is towering with epic limestone pillars known as The Pinnacles. Traverse the desert terrain by day and camp under the wide-open sky by night—you might even have a few visitors! Nambung National Park is known for being home to red kangaroos, western grey kangaroos, and red foxes. On top of that, you can whale watch from the shores of the Indian Ocean on the western edge of the park.

Ningaloo Coast

This UNESCO World Heritage Site lines the Indian Ocean coast roughly 750 miles north of Perth. Heralded as one of the largest coral reefs closest to a landmass, the Ningaloo Reef is a fantastic place to scuba dive with whale sharks, humpbacks, manta rays, and dolphins. The beaches of Ningaloo are protected as a breeding ground for loggerhead, green, and hawksbill turtles, which also use the reef for shelter and food. With more than 500 species of fish, 300 species of coral, and 600 species of molluscs, Ningaloo Reef is definitely the hidden diving gem of Australia.

Wave Rock

Wave Rock, located in the Hyden Wildlife Park of Western Australia, is a natural rock formation that has the appearance of an ocean wave about to break. About 46 feet high and 360 feet long, Wave Rock impresses thousands of tourists each year, but has deep cultural value to the Ballardong people who inhabit the surrounding area. Explore the greater wildlife park to encounter some of Australia’s most adorable native creatures: the koala bear. Wave Rock is home to kangaroos and wallabees, too. And if you’re around in September, make sure to check out the Wave Rock Weekender—a three day international music and film festival set under the open Western Australian skies.

Cape Le Grand National Park

If you want an adventure that takes you up mountains, over rocks, and directly to the beach, Cape Le Grand National Park is the ultimate destination. Climb Mount Le Grand, Frenchman Peak, and Mississippi Hill to get in all your mountainous thrills, or simply relax at one of Cape Le Grand’s five beaches. You heard right, rest your weary legs at Lucky Bay, Rossiter Bay, Hellfire Bay, Le Grand Beach, or Thistle Cove. You might even run into a bandicoot or two! Not sure what that is? Think of the video game character Crash.

Torndirrup National Park

Big rocks, ocean views, and epic hikes await you at Torndirrup National Park in Western Australia’s Great Southern Region. Impressive coastal rock formations including the Gap, Natural Bridge, and the Blowholes line the waters of the Indian Ocean, where visitors are encouraged to explore the natural surrounding flora. Torndirrup National Park is truly a step back into nature, as no facilities are present within the park. So if you plan to stay awhile, make sure you bring plenty of food and water.

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