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We Dare You To Complete This 2016 Adventure Bucket List

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We Dare You To Complete This 2016 Adventure Bucket List

As wet set out for 2016 with ambitious feet, now is the time to make a list of all of the adventurous things you hope to accomplish. Whether you choose to do the more extreme ideas that require buying a plane ticket or new gear, or you simply commit to one hour of yoga outside or to trying a double black diamond for the first time on your ski trip, what matters most is that you’re being adventurous. The tiniest bit of adventure lightens your spirit and will inspire you to dream bigger and live life to the fullest. So, from swimming with elephants in Thailand to heli-skiing, here are twenty-five extreme ideas to add to your 2016 adventure bucket list. And no, we’re not going to tell you to go sky-diving or swim with sharks. If you haven’t done these classic bucket list items by now, then you’re probably not going to! We’d like to think these ideas fall more on the creative side.

  1. Climb the same path in Yosemite as one of your favorite rock legends.
  2. Step foot on the set of Star Wars, by going to Death Valley or the Skellig Islands.
  3. Swim with elephants in Thailand.
  4. Plan a trip to South America and get lost in the Andes Mountains.
  5. Try heli-skiing at Whistler-Blackcomb.
  6. Go camping for a full week.
  7. Turn off your phone, leave your headphones behind, and take a full-day hike alone.
  8. Take a beginner lesson in a sport you haven’t tried before, like surfing, snowboarding, or paddle boarding.
  9. Do an hour of yoga outside.
  10. Go cliff jumping in Europe.
  11. Travel with someone you love.
  12. Book a stay in a hostel.
  13.  Go hang-gliding in Chattanooga.
  14. Try a new food that scares you from another country, like crickets.
  15. Learn a new language in a country you’d like to visit, then go!
  16. Try a yoga retreat for the first time.
  17. Trek deep into one of the strangest caves in the world.
  18. Complete one of the most dangerous hikes in the world.
  19. Visit one of the spookiest destinations in the world.
  20. Plan a service or volunteer trip.
  21. Teach someone else your favorite outdoor sport—someone who has never tried it before.
  22. Go horseback riding in Durango, Colorado.
  23. Take a roadtrip to Idaho just so you can sleep under the canopy of stars. They look the best there!
  24. Visit an ancient temple in Asia.
  25. Spend the night on a sailboat.

There you have it! Adventurers, 2016 is all about jumping into the great unknown. Let us know which of these adventure bucket list items you tried for yourself!

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