Should we be wearing silver to protect ourselves from electromagnetic radiation?

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Cell phones, computers and WiFi are all staples in our lives. With the invention of new technologies all the time, it’s hard not to pick up each new gadget and use them all day every day. But where does electromagnetic radiation come into play? Electromagnetic forces occur naturally within everything on earth, including our bodies and organic matter on earth. However, new manmade forms of electromagnetic radiation are coming into existence all the time through cell phones and wireless communication, and they could be posing a risk to our health.

With increasing EM waves comes potential health complications that you might not even realize. Study after study points out the connection between EM radiation and things like cancer, neurological diseases, immune dysfunction, reproductive complications and electromagnetic sensitivity. The World Health Organization has actually classified man-made electromagnetic radiation as a carcinogen (meaning it causes cancer).

A company called Arjuna is working to help people protect themselves from these harmful waves. Not only do they educate people about the effects of electromagnetic radiation, they have created a line of clothing that protects your body from the waves. The threads in the clothing are coated with a thin layer of silver in it’s ionic form, which reflects the waves away from the body instead of letting it get absorbed. The pieces come in a variety of forms, from tops to headbands to wear while you’re sleeping. Wearing these garments periodically could significantly reduce your exposure to harmful waves, and cut down on smaller symptoms you might not have known you had (like headaches or fatigue). Their mission is to create a “sacred space for the body, mind and planet.”

This all sounds great, but the clothes are pretty pricey. If you’re not willing or able to spend the money on these items to protect yourself, what else can you do?

Completely avoiding electromagnetic radiation is impossible, but it is possible to cut down on your use of the devices that emit the waves. When you’re not using your computer, completely close and unplug it and store it away from your body (not lying on your bed). If you can, try to refrain from having WiFi in your home. If you absolutely need it, try to unplug it and turn it off whenever you’re not using it, and especially when you’re not home. As for microwaves, try not to stand directly in front of it or look into it while its in use. Distancing yourself from any waves when at all possible is good for reducing their effects on your body.

One interesting way to rid your body of toxins and inflammation is grounding. Grounding is the simple practice of standing on a patch of grass or sand completely barefoot for about ten minutes. That’s it. The benefits from doing this often are surprisingly plentiful, including anti-aging, sound sleep, a calm nervous system, enhanced immune system and protection against electromagnetic fields. Basically, you are connecting your body with the earth and soaking up it’s natural benefits. Pretty cool.

Eating a healthy diet is all around good for you also. Nourishing your body helps your immune system and the ability to protect itself from outside toxins. Some foods to make sure you’re eating are artichokes, cranberries, red beans, pecans, pomegranate seeds, rosemary, asparagus and more.

You really can protect yourself from EM radiation with smart moves throughout your day. It’s only your health we’re talking about here.

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