5 Extreme Lake Sports To Try This Summer

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We can’t all go to the beach, and not all of us want to. For many, lakes are a favorite place to spend the dog days of summer. For those of you who spend more time on the beach, just imagine a large body of fresh water surrounded by tall trees, and complete with a serene, quiet ambience. Whether you love the lake or not, it’s time to try something new and adventurous this summer. Kayaking and paddle boarding have been the latest craze, but we can’t forget the thrilling lake activities that depend on strong wind, high speeds, and mad skill.

Water Skiing

Whether you love snow skiing or not, water skiing is a fun way to improve your overall skiing skill. Just like snow skiing, you have to bend your knees and lean your weight slightly back. Water skiing is an easy sport to pick up, and you will develop better balance and leg strength. It won’t be long before you’re crossing the wake and so close to the water that your hands can touch! For an even greater challenge, try slalom skiing.


Water skiing is to snow skiing as wakeboarding is to snowboarding. You can throw surfing in the mix of similar sports too. Once you practice surfing on the wake and trying small jumps, you can start trying flips. Make sure you use a wakeboard boat with a high bar to attach the rope. This is safer than being close to the water, and it will ultimately give you more air.


Kneeboarding may look a little awkward, but don’t let that fool you. This sport can get extreme when you use one hand, do spins, or even try a flip—hello strong core! This is a great upper body, core, and hips workout, and it happens to be a real fun time too. Doing a simple turn on the wakeboard is easier than it looks. Hold the rope tightly with one hand and lean to one side so you cross the wake. As you continue leaning your body, reach behind you to grab the rope with the other hand and quickly let the first hand go. Your body will naturally turn around.


If you’re an avid surfer or would love to try the sport as a beginner, then windsurfing is a great activity for those of you by the lake. It basically combines a surfboard with a sail. This helps the board catch wind to pick up its speed so that you are able to surf on smaller waves. You can also think of this as wakeboarding without the boat. Windsurfers have more capability than a sailboat does since they can jump, try spinning maneuvers, and other freestyle tricks similar to those done on a wakeboard.


Finally, sailing is an age-old pastime that people young and old can enjoy. Sailing requires more technical knowledge and skill, as well as having more rules you have to follow. For this activity, it is best to take a training class before going out on your own. By far one of the most relaxing, while still thrilling, lake activities of all, sailing inspires a particular kind of joy that only comes from fresh water breezes, sails flapping in the wind, and the echo of your boat breaking through the waves.

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