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6 Serene Vineyard Bike Routes

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New Zealand pristine scenery before sunset

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6 Serene Vineyard Bike Routes

Dreams sometimes become a reality. Luckily, if your dream is to cycle narrow pathways amongst endless rows of grapevines in the world’s most beautiful locations, your dream can actually come true!

Ready to make your dreams happen? If so, these are the vineyard bike routes you have to put on your bucket list…stat.

Marlborough, New Zealand

Head to the northern tip of New Zealand’s South Island to discover a dense paradise that produces some of the world’s best sauvignon blanc. Follow the Marlborough Wine Trail and sip the finest white from more than thirty wineries. Many of the vineyards give complementary samples, but a few of the more esteemed brands will charge a nominal fee. With rolling mountains in the background and fresh wine every few miles, you’ll be inspired to move in and start your own vineyard!

Loire Valley, France

Saumur castle

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Never-ending rows of vineyards line the rolling hills of France’s famous Loire Valley. Rent a bicycle and partake in the epic 500 mile route of La Loire à Vélo, where cyclists are free to choose the beginning, middle, and end of their trip. Pass through historic villages and stately chateaus while sipping premium quality wines from the valley. Make sure to book two weeks of vacation if you plan to cycle the entire thing, as most people easily finish the route in fourteen days.

Cape Winelands, South Africa

View across vineyards of the Stellenbosch district with the Simonsberg mountain in the background , Western Cape Province, South Africa

Image: Shutterstock/jbor

When French settlers arrived in the Franschhoek Valley more than 300 years ago with vines in hand, they started what would be known in the future as the premier wine valley in all of South Africa. Rows of dense vines twist and turn together, all cast under the spell of the giant Drakenstein Mountains in the background. To cycle the idyllic farm roads and experience private tastings, it’s recommended that you purchase a tour from one of many outfitters in Cape Town, such as Bikes n’ Wines. Afterwards, make sure to cycle to the historic town of Franschhoek to partake in the up-and-coming boutique food scene.

Coquimbito, Argentina

Catch the bus from Mendoza to cycle along the charming ciclovia (bike path) of the Coquimbito wine valley of Argentina. Tucked under the gaze of the Andes Mountains, the bicycle-friendly pathway runs for about seven miles and connects around twelve wineries, called bodegas. Though rural, the Coquimbito wine valley is heavily marked by signposts and is easily navigable by tourists from around the world.

Sonoma Valley, California

Napa Valley vineyard in California at sunset

Image: Shutterstock/Andrew Zarivny

Stick to the humble pathways of Sonoma Valley for a friendlier, less stuffy vineyard tour experience. The gentle, and mostly paved, pathway cruises through the beautiful rolling hills of California’s second-most beloved wine production epicenter. And at only 1.5 hours (by car) away from San Francisco, you’ll feel worlds away from the hustle and bustle of city life. So rent a bicycle, make your way to Sonoma Valley, and set off through the beautiful rows of vines.

The Wachau Valley, Austria

Vineyard in Lower Austria

Image: Shutterstock/Dieter Hawlan

If cycling through stone terraces, medieval castles, and Benedictine abbys sounds like a dream, you’re in for a reality check! The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Wachau Valley in Austria has all of the above, plus miles and miles of vineyards. For a multi-day bike journey, begin in the valley and pass through the historic towns of Melk and Krems on the 226 mile Danube Cycle Path. You can camp or stay in the villages along the way, but you should plan ahead for at least one week to finish the entire route.

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