Campsite Cooking Cheats

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Are you planning on going camping but have no clue what it takes to survive? Other than being able to set up your camping materials and maybe start a fire, the next most important thing you ought to do is cook. After all, camping will drain a lot of your energy and if this energy is not replenished through the right foods, your thrilling adventure may end up becoming a nightmare. To help you through, here are a few smart campsite cooking ideas that you can adopt:

Choose the Most Appropriate Cooking Method:

In case you brought food that require cooking before eating, make sure that you choose the best option available of cooking it. Usually, there are two main ways through which you can cook your food. One, you can grill it by putting it over an open fire or, you can first wrap the food item with an aluminum foil before placing it in hot coals. Though the first option gets the food ready fast, the food in question isn’t as tasty as the one cooked using the second option.

Bring foods that are Easy to Prepare:

Camp food is in very many ways different from the foods that you eat at home or in restaurants. Thus, the food you bring should be easy to prepare and filling so as to provide you with enough energy that’s required for your next day activities. Though it’s okay to be creative in your choice of foods, meat and vegetables are always the easiest to prepare. Hotdogs, skillet, pancakes and baked potatoes are as a matter of fact the best camping foods.

Invest in a Good Camping Stove:

No matter much you’d like your camping experience to be similar to that of the caveman, don’t go to the extent of making life so hard that it stresses you. Therefore, when cooking at camp, try as much as you can to use a stove that is fast and reliable. Examples of highly effective and efficient stoves that you can use include solid fuel stoves, unpressurized liquid stoves, pressurized liquid stoves and white gas stoves.

Only Cook when Necessary:

Cooking at camp is definitely going to take a lot of your time and energy. Therefore, to save you the time, and give you enough time to rest, bring with you pre-cooked food. When put in a cooler, such foods can last for a very long time. Most importantly is that, come meal times at the camp, the only thing you’ll need to do is have them warmed.

Make Cooking a Team Thing:

Forget about who’s the better cook. To ensure that everyone loves their experience at the camp and no one feels oppressed, have everyone take part. For instance, while one person is boiling the water, let another be grilling the beef while another is cleaning the dishes or setting the table.

Come up with Interesting Recipes:

Lastly, come up with healthy, interesting and savory recipes that will help in giving you the energy that you require as well as help in preventing you from missing the amazing foods you left at home.

Incorporating each one of these ideas will not only make your camping experience worthwhile but also, make you want to keep on going camping over and over again.

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