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Högberget cave looks strikingly like a vagina

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Image- Planet skier

Image- Planet skier

The municipality of  Kirkkonummi is a small one in Finland , located just outside Helsinki. It is known famously for its peninsula’s Porkkala and Upinniemi, extensive lake region, active wildlife, a population which dates as far back as the Stone Age and a naval base that helped sever hostilities with the Soviet Union in World War II. Somewhere in its untouched wilderness, however, lies a piece of art which can only be best described as a manifestation of the enthralling uncanniness of nature. It’s called Högberget Cave and its high time the world started talking about it.

I know what you’re thinking. Yes, you’re right. No you don’t have a dirty mind. It doesn’t take a lot of imagination, upon first look at this cave, to realize that it possesses an eerily similar physical outline as the female sexual organ. Imagine walking into your mother’s vagina and reliving your, now unfamiliar, birthing experience—this cave would do that to you.

The story of how Högberget Cave came to be is an ordinary, yet fascinating, one. It was formed during the ice age de-glaciation, a result of melt-water rushing through a crack in the rock. The intensity of the pressure gouged a vertical hole and while Finish tourist site claims it’s, thus, shaped like an onion, we all know there’s a more accurate doppelganger.

Dubbed “Womb of Mother Earth” because of its unique appearance, you would think an attraction as extraordinary as this would attract a daily influx of touring visitors especially given the additional thrill of hiking that leads up to the site. But no, aside a few curious minds, Högberget Cave’s major visitors would be pilgrims who believe in the fertility of mother earth and are there to perform such rites.  These visitors claim that upon entrance, its interior walls ignite an eerily familiar feeling of warmth and déjà vu. Well, we already told you why.

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