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The Pacific Ocean’s Bottomless Drain

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Thors Well sunset Cape Perpetua Oregon Coast

Image: Lijuan Guo/Shutterstock

Just barely off the coast of Oregon is the most spectacular tidal pool you’ve probably never heard off. Thor’s Well, admiringly referred to as the drainpipe of the Pacific Ocean, appears to be a bottomless sinkhole into which gallons upon gallons of chilly Pacific waters can ceaselessly plummet into oblivion. It’s a gorgeous site to behold, awe inspiring in its promised danger and mystery.

Thor's Well on the central Oregon Coast is a water spout in reverse

Image: Chris Mullins/Shutterstock

Despite what it looks like, Thor’s Well is not a infinite sinkhole into which people and the waters of the Pacific can disappear forever. For lack of a better descriptor, it is a tidal pool, albeit a very deep and violent tidal pool. At high tide and after severe storms, water can be seen viciously pouring over the rock ledge. It’s a sight out of some people’s nightmares, but those of us that adore all the beauty the world has to offer, even the dangerous beauty, can appreciate the raw power and force that’s hiding behind that beauty.

If you find yourself face-to-face with Thor and his Well, it’s best to keep some distance. While the hole is only about 20 feet deep, the combination of jagged rocks and the force of the pouring water is enough to bring death to the doorstep. It’s best viewed from afar, but admiringly so.

You can visit Thor’s Well on Cape Perpetua, about 2 hours west of Eugene, OR.

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