How to Put Together a Great Post Workout Recovery Plan

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Do you know what to do following exercise to speed your recovery from a workout? Your post physical exercise routine can have a large impact on your fitness gains and sports performance but most people don’t have an after physical exercise recovery plan.

Most people exercise for the benefits they get from their workout: improved sports performance, much better endurance, less physique fat, added as well as just feeling much better. To be able to maintain an physical exercise routine it’s essential to recover fully following physical exercise. Recovery is an important component of any workout routine. It permits you to train much more frequently and train tougher so you get more out of one’s training. Do you have a great following physical exercise plan?

Recovery following physical exercise is essential to muscle and tissue repair and strength building. This is much more critical after a heavy weight training session. A muscle requirements anywhere from 24 to 48 hours to repair and rebuild, and working it again too soon simply leads to tissue breakdown rather than building. For weight training routines, by no means work exactly the same muscles groups two days in a row.

That’s where the idea of “recovery foods” comes in. The very best method to replenish your glycogen shops is to consume carbohydrate-rich foods within the 30 minutes that follow your workout. Since your blood flow is increased and your muscle cells are more sensitive to insulin right after your workout, you’ll get the very best outcomes if you consume recovery foods inside this time frame.

Ideally, you need to ingest approximately 3/4 of a gram of carbohydrates per pound of body weight — about 135 grams of carbs for a 180-pound male — inside 30 minutes of your workout, and about the same amount or slightly more two hours later.

Just a little bit of protein also goes a long method to ensuring that your body recovers well from physical exercise. Protein has been found to assist repair muscle damage and to help recovery by enhancing the rate of synthesis of Glycogen. Adding small quantities of protein to a carb snack (a one to four ratio of protein to carbs) can help improve the Glycogen refueling process. Some good suggestions for snacks and meals after a workout include peanut butter on a whole wheat piece of toast or granola mixed with 1 % yogurt. Healthy carbs and healthy protein will assist speed recovery and boost your energy so that you do not feel drained after an intense session at the fitness center.

It is important to keep in mind to have your post workout meal (protein and carbs) no later than 30 minutes following you’ve completed your workout. This is when your muscles are hungriest, and feeding them immediately will allow your muscles to start the procedure of recovery, which ultimately leads to larger, stronger muscles. A great method to ensure that your body gets its nutrition after your workout would be to take a shake with you whenever you go to the gym. That way, as soon as you have finished lifting weights, you can begin drinking your shake.

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