How to reuse cooking grease and keep it out of the drain

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It’s nearly impossible to avoid cooking grease on a weekly basis. If you’re into cooking, then you probably deal with cooking grease quite often. From leftover frying oil to bacon grease, chicken fat, and even coconut oil, cooking grease is a part of our lives, as is electricity and gasoline. While we partially despise these things, we know they’re a part of our lives. So we learn to be resourceful by reusing and upcycling. Since cooking grease can have terrible and expensive consequences, we’ve included some easy and cheap methods for reusing your cooking grease in the most creative ways.

But before you begin using these alternative solutions for cooking grease, first learn the ways you can use less fat to begin with. Using less fat while cooking means fewer calories into your dish and a lower grocery bill—because your cooking fat will last longer. Here are some easy ways to use less fat while cooking.

    • In lieu of deep frying, roast or broil food in the oven, shallow-fry in a pan on the stovetop, or fire up the grill.
    • When sautéing, decrease the amount of fat your recipe calls for (use a teaspoon instead of a tablespoon).
    • Replace oil or butter with small amounts of water or stock. Add a little at a time to keep food moving and browning in the pan without steaming.
    • Always measure fats instead of free pouring them.
    • Cut visible fat on meat (and put the trimmings in the trash or give them to your dog or cat).
    • And simply choose leaner meats at the market.
    • Steam veggies instead of sautéing them.

Here are some easy and cheap alternatives to getting rid of cooking grease in a safe, responsible, and creative way.

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