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Just because you don’t have access to a fridge and cooking appliances doesn’t mean you can’t eat healthy on the road, and just because you can’t visit your local gym or use equipment doesn’t mean you can’t get your daily dose of fitness to stay healthy on the road. Don’t use your limitations as an excuse to eat potato chips and gargle down sugary beverages. Road trips are enjoyable because of the scenery and the travel experiences, but make them even better by feeling healthy and energized too.

Sitting in a car for multiple hours on end can lead to health problems if you don’t get out and move around. Some of these health issues include neck and back pain, physical stress, and in extreme cases, deep vein thrombosis. To prevent these conditions, make sure you move around every time you stop and stretch as much as possible while you’re in the car.

You can also be on the lookout for local farmers markets for a healthy snack. When you stop, opt for snacks at the grocery store instead of the gas station—often times they’ll have much healthier options in the outside aisles of the store. Drink plenty of water and always choose water over soda. Feeling drowsy? Stop and move around or go on a short walk instead of reaching for coffee.

Check out the diagram below to see how else you can stay healthy on the road.

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