Paris Terror Attacks: How You Can Help The French Today

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How You Can Help The French

More than one hundred people were killed in a series of terrorist attacks across Paris on Friday night—the deadliest attacks on Paris since World War II. The world looked on in horror as we watched the events unfold on our TV screens and tablets.

Being a world away from the horrendous events, it sometimes feels hopeless. If we’re over here, what can we do to help? Luckily, there are several organizations who are desperately seeking donations to help answer crises in Paris, as well as in Beirut, Lebanon (where 43 people were killed by ISIL on November, 12th).

Here is a list of resources to reference if you would like to contribute financially or by engaging in social media.


Doctors Without Borders

International Federation of Red Cross

The French Red Cross (in French)

Secours Populaire Français (in French)

Solidarités International, an aid organization (in French)

Social Media:

US Citizens are offering shelter to stranded French citizens by using the hashtag #StrandedInUS.

Parisians are offering shelter for displaced neighbors by using the hashtag #PorteOuverte.

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