We Can’t Forget About The Man On The Moon This Season

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full moon over Seattle city skyline at night

We can’t forget about the man on the moon this season. 

Okay, so we’re not actually referring to a man on the moon, but the recent Man On The Moon John Lewis commercial will tug on anyone’s heart strings in just two minutes. In the heartwarming video, a young girl squints through a telescope to examine the moon. She pictures a man alone on the moon, and she suddenly feels the strong urge to show him that he is loved. You’ll have to watch the story unfold for yourself, but the Pixar-like narrative gently reminds us of a much bigger picture. The holiday season is meant for gathering with friends, family, and loved ones, but even more so, to reach a hand to those who need it. Watch the Man On The Moon commercial and share with us how you will be spreading love this holiday season.

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