Planet roundup: #NODAPL, electric busses and more

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planet roundup

Happy weekend, everyone! We’re back with another Planet Roundup to share everything important that happened in the last week all over the world. You know you can count on OutwardOn to help you stay up to date on everything regarding our planet.

Dakota Access Pipeline stopped, for now

Sunday, the Army Corp of Engineers announced that it will be looking for an alternate route for the Dakota Access Pipeline that was planned to run under Lake Oahe in North Dakota. However, members of the Sioux tribe are cautious, as they are not sure this decision will be permanent.

Read more about this here.

2 Dutch cities are converting to an entirely electric bus fleet


Beginning December 11, the Dutch cities of Eindhoven and Helmond will not have a single bus ran on fossil fuels. They will soon have 43 buses that are entirely electric running through their streets, drastically reducing their carbon emissions. This is huge.

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Google will be using 100% renewable energy by 2017

Image: Google

Image: Google

According to Google, its thirteen data centers and offices consume 5.7 terrawatt hours of electricity a year. This is about the size on San Francisco—wow. But, the company can now offset every megawatt hour of electricity they use from fossil fuels with new large power purchases that utilize wind and solar farms. Pretty cool.

Read more about this here.

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