Protein Packed Meals and Snacks

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greek pizza with artichokes and olives

Protein is an incredibly important part of our diets. Not only is it associated with muscle and tissue health, research finds that protein plays an important role in energy levels, weight management and satiety (feeling full). In fact, a recent survey found that nine in 10 Americans believe that protein helps them feel fuller and satisfied longer.

With canned food staples like chicken, tuna, beans, beef and salmon in your pantry, a convenient source of protein-rich ingredients is always at your fingertips. That makes it easy to prepare nutritious homemade meals and snacks that will provide long lasting energy to get you through the day.

Canned proteins are often preferable to their fresh counterparts because they require little to no preparation and are more accessible. They also contribute two important forms of under-consumed protein sources – legumes and fish.

Because cans seal in foods’ nutrients, freshness and natural goodness, you can feel great about incorporating canned proteins into your favorite salads, casseroles, sandwiches and dishes like Greek Pizza and Tuna Apple Melt. With a well-stocked pantry – or “Cantry” – wholesome, protein-packed meals and snacks the whole family will love are just a can or two away.

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